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National team perks revised

Tempting revised allowances have been introduced for the country’s Men’s and Women’s national football teams by the Football Association of Malawi Executive Committee.

The committee approved the new rates its third quarterly meeting of the year 2020 at Chatonda Lodge in Chinteche on Saturday October 3, 2020.

Reportedly, the new allowances regime were first proposed by the FAM Finance and Administration Committee and were benchmarked with other national teams within the SADC region.

According to FAM Communication Director Gomegzani Zakazaka, the FA has planned to complement the revised rates that were approved by Malawi National Council of Sports through other source of revenues.

Meanwhile, players called into National team camp will no longer be receiving daily training allowance of six thousand kwacha as has been the case before.

Instead, the players will now be drawing a once off apearance fees of two hundred thousand kwacha for major tournaments and one hundred fifty thousand kwacha for regional or friendly matches national team call ups.

Additionally, game bonuses for players towards competitive matches have been significantly increased to spark more hungwe from players to qualify to major international tournaments.

For instance, Flames players who used to pocket K100,000.00 for a win regardless of the status of the match have all the reasons to smile as from now onwards the bonuses have been graded as per the competitions or matches.

A win for the Flames in an AFCON or World Cup, classified as Major Tournaments will see the players withdrawing half a million kwacha game bonus each and half the amount in case of a draw.

For regional tournaments such as COSAFA, the players are now entitled to three hundred thousand kwacha game bonuses for a victory and one hundred fifty thousand kwacha for a draw.

During friendly international matches, the players game bonuses for a win or a draw have been pegged at two hundred thousand kwacha and One hundred thousand kwacha respectively.

The external travel allowances have also been revised upwards from USD50 to USD 100 per player.


Credit: Arkangel Tembo

The windfall has not spared the Women’s Women’s Senior National Team either as their game bonuses of thirty thousand kwacha which they used to pocket for a win regardless of the status of the match have been revised upwards as per the competitions or matches.

In case of a win or a draw in major tournaments such as AFCON, World Cup and Olympics, the Scorchers will be drawing three hundred thousands and one hundred fifty thousand kwacha respectively.

If they win or draw in Regional Tournaments Bonuses like COSAFA, the Women’s Senior National team players will be receiving two hundred thousand and one hundred thousand kwacha in that order.

A win or draw during the scorchers friendly matches will attract a game bonus of One hundred thousand and Fifty thousand Kwacha respectively.

The Women’s Senior National Team players daily training allowance of K6,000 has similarly been revoked and in place they will be receiving an Appearance Fee for being called into camp.

For Major tournaments, the players are entitled to One Hundred Fifty thousand Kwacha whereas for Regional Tournaments and Friendly Matches they are entitled to a One hundred thousand kwacha appearance fee.

Their daily external travel allowance rate has been raised from $50 to $100 per player.
Similarly, FAM. has also raised the allowances for all Junior National teams for both Men’s and Women’s in line with the criteria used for Senior National teams.

Meanwhile, soccer pundits have hailed FAM for revising upwards National Teams allowances saying the move will go a long way in motivating the players to do more for their national team.

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