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Wanderers supporters call for Mvula’s resignation outside his residence

Wanderers fans turned out to protest against Mvula on Tuesday

Dozens of Mighty Wanderers FC fans converged outside the club secretary to the board Humphrey Mvula’s BCA residence on Tuesday morning to demand for his immediate resignation.

The protest follows continued bickering and power struggle within the ranks and file of the club’s board since the resignation of the past immediate President Thom Mpinganjira late last year.

The supporters gathered outside Mvula’s residence, chanting anti-Mvula songs and carrying placards, with many wearing the blue and white colours, the team’ traditional colours.

One placard read: “Timu suyendetsa wekha. Mzeru zayekha anaviyika nsima m’madzi (No man is an Island)”, while another banner read: “Tiwuze chomwe waiwala ku Wanderers (What else do you want at Wanderers)”.

Mvula was not immediately available to personally receive the petition and instead the supporters presented their letter to his son.

Wanderers fans displayed placards outside Mvula’s house on Tuesday

In the petition read by the Nomads Central region supporters general secretary Wilfred Kabwere, the supporters are asking Mvula to step down as the club’s secretary to the board for alleged maladministration and financial mismanagement, disregard for other existing constitutionally recognized structures in decision making processes, conducting club meetings at his residence other than the club house and ignoring or bypassing fellow board members when handling matters affecting the club.

He further said: ‘’In the very best interest of our Mighty team, we have sadly noted that Mr. Mvula fails to appreciate properly instituted structures of the club and has on numerous occasions turned the club into his personal asset in making decisions and executing tasks that require decisions of the board.

As supporters concerned supporters, we can’t watch our club being turned into a laughingstock nor pretend that all is well at the club.’’

Wanderers supporters’ interim Chairperson Denis Chitsulo concurred with Kabwere saying a single board member cannot run the affairs of the club single handily without the input from other members of the board.

Wilfred Kabwere reading out the petition outside Wanderers’ club house on Tuesday

He also alleged that the club owes players two months’ salary arrears, adding some new recruits are yet to receive their full signing on fees.

‘’This is why we are saying, board meeting must be held within this week to determine the team’s way forward’’, said Chitsulo.

According to Wa Ganyu Facebook page, Mvula says no amount of pressure will make him resign from his post as secretary to the club’s board.

‘’It is very funny. Look! I don’t need any supporter to walk to my private property. Whatever I have done, it is because I love Wanderers. They should not waste their precious time.

No amount of pressure will force me to relinquish power unless I so decide in consultation with my family’’, he is quoted as saying.

Meanwhile, some inside sources have confided to that the nomad’s board meeting will take place on Thursday this week.


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