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VP bemoans sports regression

A meeting between State Vice President Saulos Klaus Chilima and the Malawi National Council of Sports (MNCS) on public reforms has concluded with the latter being challenged on the need for economic independence.

The VP convened the meeting to get appraised on the progress of the being undertaken by MNCS and discuss fresh reform areas.

Key reform areas currently being implemented by the MNCS include the re-introduction of Physical Education (PE) in primary schools with an aim of instilling a sporting culture as well as preparing a physically and mentally strong nation.

“Through this reform area, the council is taking stock of sporting facilities in schools as well as the number of trained PE teachers available in the country.

The Council is also lobbying the Ministry of Education to set a policy mandating recreational facilities as a condition for registering school, MNSC Acting Executive Secretary Henry Mereka said.

Additionally,  the Council is working towards the introduction of automated gate fee collection system in stadia.

The VP concurred with MNCS on the need to rejuvenate sports in the country through reforms such as the reintroduction of PE in primary schools but did not hide his disappointment over the prevailing sports regression in the country.

“The feeling out there is that we have regressed as a country instead of progressing.

We need to reach the level start exporting talent to Europe and  other top flight leagues across the globe just like other African countries are doing including neighbouring countries”.

“To this effect i suggest that the Council  must brainstorm on how to court the private sector back into sponsorship of various sporting disciplines and rebrand the corporate image of the sports sector to instill confidence in prospective sponsors”, he said.

On introduction of automated gate fee systems in the country’s stadia, the Malawi VP welcomed the move saying it will help curb abuse of funds though he was quick to state that such an ambitious plan will require the Council and other stakeholders commitment.

“Be mindful that there will be stiff resistance form those that strives on gate collection at the expense of players”, he cautioned.

Chilima has since advised the Council to stand up and be counted, arguing as a parastatal responsible for sports in the country, MNCS must raise its relevance and not play second fiddle.

“We need a rebirth of the council that breathes life and energy in sporting activities across the country.

We therefore, advice the Council to  identify new reform areas on financial sustainability so that in the long run the institution wanes itself from treasury dependence, he advised.

Meanwhile, the Council has been requested to share its strategic plan so that the reforms department can give proper guidance on the way forward.

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