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SWAM renews commitment to fighting Covid-19

Wesysylas Chirwa- SWAM General Secretary /Image: Thom Chimata

Sports journalists belonging to the Sports Writers Association of Malawi (SWAM) have renewed their commitment to fighting the Covid-19 pandemic as they discharge their duties.

The journalists were meeting on Saturday at Mpatsa Beach Lodge in the lakeshore district of Salima where they had their Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Besides discussing administrative and professional issues, the scribes also underwent training in news value addition and digital reporting.

Media and Competitions Director, Gomezgani Zakazaka, represented the Football Association of Malawi (FAM) at the event.

Zakazaka encouraged all members of SWAM to be in the forefront in observing all Covid-19 preventive measures when covering all football matches at different stadia in the country by sticking to the media tribune which is a special area within the stadium where journalists sit, observing social distance, masked up and segregated from the rest of the people.

The Malawi FA provided funds for the AGM through the FIFA Covid-19 Relief Fund. Capital Oil Refining Industries also pumped in K350,000.00 for the event.

Seasoned sports journalist, Peter Kanjere, drilled members of the association on story value addition which he said can be achieved if one prepares well for any task by researching thoroughly on what they are going to cover and later on report. Marshall Dyton inculcated digital skills for sports reporting in the members.

SWAM General Secretary, Wesysylas Chirwa, said members were affected by the Covid-19 when there were no sporting activities taking place and it was necessary to refresh their minds on how best they could do their work amid the pandemic.

“The training that our members had today has equipped them with skills that will enable them to report effectively despite the Covid-19 pandemic which is still among us,” Chirwa said.

Members agreed to take a further step in educating sports fans on the importance of adhering to all measures of preventing the Covid -19 pandemic.


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