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SRLC serves classic chess

Chess is one of the most celebrated sports disciplines in Malawi as many players win international medals.

James Kamowa in action against Precious Kamwendo. Photos by Wadza Otomani.

James Kamowa has won the Southern Region Chess League (SRCL) qualifiers for the Chessam Championship.

He won the first prize of K25,000 after amassing 6 points in the Chessam-sponsored qualifiers on 5th and 6th December 2020 at Limbe Country Club.

Joseph Nyambalo came second with 5.5 points and walked away with K15,000.

Eight players came third after they were tied at 5 points each and they shared K4,000 apiece.

Caroline Trapence emerged best player in the ladies section and gets her prize money.

The eight players are Precious Kamwendo, Ishmael Harrison, Stanley Biyasi, Amos Chigowo, John Mkumba, Francisco Mwangupili, Ryan MacJessie and Chiletso Chipanga.

They played in the Open Section and they have all qualified for the Chessam Championship.

Caroline Trapence won the Ladies’ Section after amassing 3.5 points and she walked away with K15,000.

Tupokiwe Msukwa and Lucy Chazemba came second and third, respectively, and shared K9,000 each. They were tied at 2 points apiece.

SRCL Publicity Secretary Wadza Otomani said five ladies took part in the qualifiers and they have all qualified.

“The qualifiers were very competitive and participation was good. A total of 15 players have qualified for the Chessam Championship. Three other players namely Peter Jayloss, Bright Nthara and Kujaliwa Kapyepye have been put on standby,” he said.

The other two ladies are Ruth Mutambo and Rachael Jayloss.

Heads roll for action.

The Chessam-sponsored qualifiers were held on 5th and 6th December 2020 at Limbe Country Club.

Ten players have qualified from the Open Section and five from the Ladies’ Section. Three have been put on standby.

The following are the names of the players who have qualified;

*Open Section*

1. James Kamowa
2. Joseph Nyambalo
3. Precious Kamwendo
4. Ishmael Harrison
5. Stanley Biyasi
6.Amos Chigowo
7.John Mkumba
8. Francisco Mwangupili
9. Ryan MacJessie
10. Chiletso Chipanga

*Ladies’ Section*

1. Caroline Trapence
2. Tupokiwe Msukwa
3. Lucy Chazemba
4. Ruth Mutambo
5. Rachael Jayloss.

*Players put on standby*

1. Peter Jayloss
2. Bright Nthara
3. Kujaliwa Kapyepye

Chess Association of Malawi-Chessam championship will be held on 24th December 2020 in Lilongwe.

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