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Silver Strikers takes lead in Covid-19 tests ahead of football restart

as four players test positive for Covid-19

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The outcome of the recent Covid-19 test conducted on Silver Strikers players shows that four players have tested positive for the pandemic.

In response to government’s directive that all clubs conduct Covid-19 tests before resumption of football trainings on October 17 this year, Silver Strikers conducted the exercise on Thursday last week.

The clubs Chief Executive Officer Thokozani Chimbali has told Silver Strikers website the players affected include Chikondi Kamanga, Patrick Macheso, Trevor Kalema and Horace Mchoma.

Chimbali says the four are currently in self-Isolation as they are deemed to be asymptomatic to COVID-19.

Silver Strikers has become the first Super League team to test its members for COVID-19. On Thursday, 24th September 2020, Silver Strikers subjected its workforce to COVID-19 test in preparation for the return of sport on Saturday, 17th October 2020.

A total of 43 cases underwent the test and 4 tested positive.

“We have decided to have the tests earlier in order to manage the positive cases in time for the resumption of training.” Thokozani Chimbali, Silver Strikers CEO lamented.

Silver Strikers has indicated that the period between now and the resumption of the game will be used for medicals as on top of the COVID-19 tests, players shall undergo a series of medical test to ascertain their health and physical conditions and institute remedies if need be.

“We thought it wise to start with COVID-19 tests as the rest of the medical and physical tests hinges on the status of the players in relation to COVID-19.” Chimbali concludes.

Another COVID-19 test is planned prior to the resumption of sport.

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