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Ntopwa FC play police a parade

Image Credit: Times Group

If they had known, maybe Blue Eagles could ask to play Mighty Tigers on Sunday so that yesterday they play Ntopwa FC.

Obviously, playing away, it should be better to win the last match than lose it. The journey back home may be not so good.

This is what happened today in a match that Ntopwa defeated Blue Eagles 4-1, to send the police service back to Lilongwe in humility.

Just 3 minutes into the first half, the match was stopped due to heavy rains that poured on the pitch, rendering it unfit. 25 minutes later after the game was stopped, the play went on and it was time for the Bangwe boys of Ntopwa to start a performance although it was after a knock from Blue Eagles.

10 minutes in the first half, Ntopwa FC were given a surprise pinch of a goal from Blue Eagles, with a kick-on from Kingsley Kuwali to make it good for the visitors.

But this did not go well with the Bangwe boys who see home when they raise their head right in the pitch. A time for a home match began and it was before half time as Mphatso Magaleta equalized and sent the match to half time.

Because of the delay with the downpour, the second half kicked off at 16:40 than the usual 15:30, but it was still alright for both teams to continue.

7 minutes into second half, Hendrix Misinde scored for Ntopwa FC to make it 2-1 before Arthur Moffat scored a third goal for Ntopwa, 7 minutes later.

At 63 minutes which was 28 minutes in the second half, Arthur Moffat came again with another one to make it four for the hosts. It was too much for the Eagles to revenge. So, they just called it a day to be Ntopwa FC 4, Blue Eagles 1 as full-time score.

Result put Ntopwa FC on position 3 with 6 points having played 3 games, while Eagles are at position 10 with 4 points in 3 games.

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