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NRFA Chair, GS contradict on elective EGM

NRFA elective EGM to proceed as earlier planned

Contestants fear constitutional breach

In what can best be described as open defiance, the Northern Region Football Association Chairperson Lameck Khonje has reportedly chided Football Association of Malawi’s decision to his association from going ahead with its planned elective Extraordinary General Meeting.

The botched elective EGM was scheduled for Sunday next week, but FAM advised NRFA against proceeding with the arrangement, describing the move as unconstitutional.

In a statement, the country’s FA said it will only allow the embattled northern region football governing body to proceed with the EGM on condition that it does not include elections among the agenda items.

However, NRFA Chairperson Lameck Khonje has reportedly told the Nation Newspaper that FAM has no mandate to dictate how the Association should be run, charging the scheduled elections are proceeding as planned.

“It is funny that FAM is meddling in our issues but be lest assured, we are proceeding with the arrangement to have an elective EGM.

“Actually, they have no mandate to dictate when we should have the elections,” Khonje told the Nation Newspaper.

But in a twist of event, the incumbent NRFA General Secretary, Masiya Nyasulu, contradicted his Chair when he told a local radio station that the AGM will only discuss other outstanding issues before setting the date for the elections as per the advice from the mother body.

“FAM told us that we can go ahead with the Extraordinary General meeting on 18th October as long as it only focuses on addressing concerns raised by our affliates.
Nonetheless, we will see what will transpire at this meeting,” Nyasulu expained.

Meanwhile, fears and anxiety is growing among other interested stakeholder as they view the latest development a scheme, the incumbent leadership has deviced.

They fear the affiliates invited to this EGM which has excluded club officials, may proceed to propose for the dissolution of the current Executive committee before electing new office bearers.

Felix Mbonekera

Felix Mbonekera who is challenging Khonje on the post of NRFA Chairperson suspects foul play in the way the whole process is being Managed.

“As an interested person wishing to contest as Chairperson, I feel there is foul play in the Extraordinary General Meeting being planned for October 18.

I am saying this because district committees were forced to write a letter asking for this Extraordinary General Meeting, citing squabbles and misunderstandings in NRFA as the main reason”, he claimed.

Mbonekera then advised the Khonje led NRFA executive committee to hold its “breath” as there are only less than three weeks before the constitutionally accepted date for elections is reached.

There was no immediate comment from the Football Association of Malawi on the fresh development

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