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Mipuniro Spikers back on court

Group photo of Mipuniro Spikers Club.

Central Region based Volleyball team, Mipuniro Spikers has “lifted its lid” on club trainings and games after a 7 months Covid-19 break.

In a statement the team has released, trainings are expected to begin as soon as possible. On top of that, the team will also be playing strength testing friendlies in preparation for the Central Region Volleyball League Invitational Tournament.

“Difficult as it was, we were forced to put a halt on all preparations we had begun. Whilst we preached social distancing and staying safe, we advised athletes to continue training at home and making sure they keep fit.

“After the longest 7 months we have ever experienced, allow me to announce that we are lifting the lid on club trainings and games. All athletes are being advised that we will resume training as soon as possible.” The statement goes.

The statement, signed by Club Chairman Deodato Kamoto, said the team will however not relent on efforts to keep the sport safe of Covid-19 pandemic.

“Let me also point out that efforts will be made to observe the proper protocols with assistance and advise from our team doctor.

“Allow me to urge all athletes to train hard in order to fly the Mipuniro flag high in the upcoming assignments.” It ends.

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