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Khonje labels Hara divisive

All three regional Football Associations are expected to go to polls.

Battle of words in NRFA

Northern Region Football Association (NRFA), Lameck Zetu Khonje is accusing Football Association  of Malawi Second Vice President Othaniel Hara of fueling divisions in the NRFA.

However, Hara has dismissed the allegations, claiming the NRFA boss is a “sore loser ” who is still bitter about the outcome of the 2019 FAM elections.

Khonje miserably lost the FAM second Vice Presidency race to Hara, during the elections largely marred by mudslinging campaign.

During the recent NRFA Extraordinary Annual General Meeting held at Paramount Lodge in Mzuzu, Khonje told  delegates that the FAM Second Vice President was behind all the misunderstandings and divisions rocking the NRFA.

“It’s an open secret that there are some special interests coming in, which in my perception, are contributing to the trouble waters that NRFA is going through.

I will say without fear that Hara is in the forefront de-campaigning me and my committee by creating unnecessary tensions”, remarked Khonje.

FAM Second VP – Othaniel Hara

But Hara has laughed off Khonje’s claims, describing them as unfortunate .

“Let me say that somehow I have a feeling that Khonje is still bitter after defeating him at FAM polls on the post of Second Vice President.

It’s unfortunate therefore that he is coming up with these accusations instead of saving his energy to concentrate savaging his battered image as NRFA leader.

Hara went on to claim that the outcome of his recent visits to various district football committees in the region has shown that the committees have never received any penny from the subvention that NRFA gets from FAM.

“Indeed i have been visiting district committee in the northern region in my capacity as chairperson of Finance and Administration Committee to appreciate the impact the five million kwacha subversion is having on these structures.

“Sadly, my findings shows that the districts are idle and have never received any funding from NRFA.

This means that the only way to correct this mess is by putting into positions people with the passion to develop the game of football in the region and if offering such an advise is deemed a campaign gimmick, so be it”, Hara said.

Reports sourced by SWAM 365 shows that for the past four years NRFA has failed to present any audited financial reports. Hara has since demanded for the release of the reports.

In the run-up to the December 2019 Football Association of Malawi both Hara supported the candidacy of the incumbent FA president Walter Nyamilandu whereas Khonje’s led committee rallied behind erstwhile FAM first VP James Mwenda.


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