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Raphael Humba to “seek” SRFA re-election

Southern Region Football Association chief Raphael Humba says he is ready to consider seeking re-election if nominated because he has some “unfinished” business.

The Association head to an elective annual general meeting next month, on November 7, 2020 in Mangochi.
According to a brief media alert seen by, nomination process for possible candidates at district level starts from 14-27 of this month.

In the meantime, the incumbent SRFA Chairperson Raphael Humba has told that he is ready to seek re-election if affiliates nominate him.

Humba believes he has diligently managed the association by among others, setting up secretariat offices as well as securing and sustaining cup and league sponsorship, since assuming the leadership of SRFA some four years ago.

” I must admit, its only the affiliates that hold key to my candidacy and if they happen to nominate me, i will consult before accepting the endorsement.

“However, let me hasten to say that i still have some unfinished business to undertake at SRFA including setting the minimum league sponsorship threshold”, Humba said.

The Southern Region Football Association last held elections in November 2016 where Humba, who once served as Southern Region Football League Chairperson and his current executive committee triumphed.

This was after FAM merged Regional Football Leagues and Regional Football Committees into Associations as one way of doing away with duplication of roles as observed by FIFA.

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