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Hangover go commercial

Lower league teams join commercialization drive.

Hangover United FC players getting spiritual before match commences.

Southern Region Football League team Hangover United Football Club has joined the race to commercialization hoping the idea will professionalize even the lower league.

In a statement signed by Club President Asad Jussab, the announcement comes in alignment to the team’s goal of becoming the most technically advanced football team in Malawi that consistently provides and develops the youth with opportunities to excel in football at a professional level.

“The move looks to provide the youth, the extra mile needed to achieve their professional football ambitions while fostering a healthy relationship between our community orientated club and likeminded organizations.” He said.

Hangover United FC players listening to their coach in a practice

Hangover United FC players listening to their coach in a practice

Jussab believes this will also be a great opportunity to provide the team with partnerships with organizations and enable opportunities for personal networking and advertising of those organizations across Malawi.

“The team looks to unite and develop communities by helping the youth to realize their true potential in professional football by inducing them in a professional environment, program and sportsmanship.

” This is a truly exciting prospect as it is paving the way for greatness not only at the club, but in Malawi football.” The statement ends.

Meanwhile the league awaits Malawi football calendar following a lift of sporting activities ban that was influenced by Corona Virus.

Chairperson for Southern Region Football Association Raphael Humba said once the schedule is out, they are ready to go into play.

“We are ready on our side. We are just waiting for Football Association of Malawi-FAM to announce how we will flow.” Humba said.

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