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FAM yet to decide on NRFA’s AGM proposed date

Khonje (C) and Snr. NRFA officials at 2019 FAM AGM

Football Association of Malawi is reportedly yet to respond to a letter sent by the Northern Region Football Association top brass requesting for early elections.

Initially, the association was due for election some time in December this year.

However, in a purported letter seen by SWAM 365, NFRA General Secretary Masiya Nyasulu has informed the country’s FA that his association intends to hold an elective Extra Ordinary Annual General Assembly 18th October, 2020 in Mzuzu.

In the said letter, FAM is being requested to facilitate the election process of the association’s new office holders.

Currently, those seeking re-election as well as their competitors are conducting campaign meetings.

Felix Mbonekera

The incumbent NFRA Chairperson Lameck Khonje, General Secretary Masiya Nyasulu and Treasurer Chauka Mwasinga are seeking re-election.

Khonje faces stiff completion from his vice Felix Mbonekera while the former NFRA fixtures Secretary is eyeing the post of Secretary general while Obua Mwamusamale has set his eyes on the post of Treasurer.

Former Karonga United Chairperson Alufeyo Chipanga Banda, an ‘outsider’ wants the post of Vice Chairperson.

In recent weeks, allegations of voters’ enticement to back the decision for an early elective AGM have surfaced.

However, NFRA general Masiya Nyasulu told Zodiak Broadcasting Station (ZBS), that the association has not broken any law.

“District Committees have the mandate to call for an Extra Ordinary Meeting.

“As NRFA, we are in a situation where we cannot rule out what the affiliates who are District Committees want”.

FAM will also advise us on the same since we have written them,” said Nyasulu.

Meanwhile, Olleans Msonda has petitioned FAM to address some of hwat he considers deserves attention before the elections are held.

He claims that it is an anomaly for the incumbent general secretary who is seeking re-election to be collecting nomination papers despite being an interested party.

Msonda further claims that the decision to call for an early AGM was not part of the agenda for the meeting and neither did the matter arise from a debate brought before a plenary apart from being treated as  Any Other Business (AOB).

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