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Council halt NAM polls over bribery allegations

Khungekile Matiya lodged the complaint MNCS

Corruption and bribery allegations forced the Malawi National council of Sports to halt the highly anticipated Netball Association of Malawi elective conference which was due for Saturday, 19th May 2021.

Acting on what some sources have dubbed as a “plethora of complaints” regarding NAM’s nomination process, MNCS announced that it had stopped the elective conference until after at least two months.

The move only came less than five days before the polling day and just a few days after NAM secretariat had released the nomination list of candidates vying for various posts at the elective indaba.

According to the list, Incumbent President Khungekire Matiya is facing competition from the likes of ex- NAM treasurer-cum politician Abigal Sherrif and ex-Queens shooter Emmie Waya Chongwe.

Sources privy to the complaints lodged told this publication that chief among them are bribery allegations leveled against some candidates.

Sources who did not want to be named stated that the complainants claim that some candidates (names withheld) gave money amounting to 30,000 kwacha to each of the regional and district chairpersons who are the eligible voters save for one chairperson from Blantyre rural.

Additionally, the complainants alleges that district several district chairpersons nominated one of the presidential candidates using a single form against the prescription that each district chairperson fills his or her own form.

Furthermore, the petitioners are demanding disclosure of individuals who provided contacts of chairpersons to some candidates and not the rest.

The complainants feel had elections proceeded without checking on these alleged malpractices, other candidate could have had undue advantage over others.

Moved by these allegation pertaining to the conduct and process of submission of nominees, MNCS resolved to postpone the for the NAM elections until such a time the council has reviewed and resolved the complaint in its possession.

This is apart from nullifying the nomination process that took place earlier on with a promise to offer guidance on the nomination process as well as the new date for the AGM.

The council has two months to review and resolve the complaints raised and ensure that elections are held within the same period.

Meanwhile, the tenure of office for the incumbent executive which would have expired on May 25, 2021 has been extended for another two months.

This means that the current exco will continue to run the affairs of NAM until elections are held probably in July this year.

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