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Commission wants Jailosi disciplined as CHESSAM upholds Mpighu’s election

Jailosi prayed for the nullification of the SRCL Chairmanship election results over alleged irregularities

Peter Jailosi may face CHESSAM disciplinary action

Steve Mpighu was duly elected as Southern Region Chess League Chairperson, the country’s Chess mother body CHESSAM has ruled.

The election took place last Saturday at Blantyre Water Board Club house but one of the losing contestants Peter Jailosi, disputed Mpingu victory.

In seeking for the nullification of the SRCL Chairmanship results, Jailosi raised three grounds in a petition filed to CHESSAM President, Vice President and the General Secretary.

He claimed that non CHESSAM and SRCL members were forced to vote including Journalist Sonkie Foster Leyman of CFC Radio, that Mpighu did not renew his CHESSAM Membership and that he filed his nomination beyond the deadline.

Dan Chiwoni CHESSAM Commission of Inquiry Chairperson

Immediately, after the complaint was lodged CHESSAM instituted a Commission of Inquiry to investigate the alleged electoral irregularities.

A report released by the four member commission of inquiry which comprised of Daniel Chiwoni (Chairperson), Moses Mtumbuka, Gilton Mkumbwa and Linda Chaononga dismisses the complaints in totality.

“From the information received by the Commission, the Commission concludes that Mr. Leymanni is a member of SRCL.

“The Commission is of the view that the fact the expression of interest to contest by Mr. Steve Mpighu was made to the presiding officer, CHESSAM GS and not to SRCL’s Publicity Secretary is not enough to warrant nullification of the election.

“And From the information before the Commission, by the time he was expressing his intention to contest in the elections, Mr. Steve Mpighu had paid in full his membership fees which means he was eligible to contest in the elections,” reads part of the ruling.

Meanwhile, , the Commission of Inquiry says CHESSAM should consider disciplining Mr. Peter Jailos for bringing Chess as a sport into dispute.

The Commission observes that by going to the press before CHESSAM responded to his complaint damaged the image of chess. This is apart from condemning Jailosi’s use of what the commission deems deplorable.


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