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Africa Netball blesses Malawi.

Africa Netball President Cecelia Molokwane. Photo: Netball Association of Malawi – NAM.

The Africa Netball, mother body of netball in Africa has donated a multi-million Kwacha sprung floor to Malawi Netball.

Africa Netball President Madam Cecilia Molokwane who is also the South Africa Netball President announced the good news to Malawi saying Africa Netball -AN will donate Sprung Floor that is worthy around 4 million Rands.

Molokwane made the announcement during the opening of the Africa Netball Cup in Windhoek Namibia. She said Malawi has been chosen after looking at their performance in the previous years and the ranking in the world.

“With the 2023 World Cup slated for South Africa, the INF have given us two Sprung Floors and we cannot keep them here in South Africa as we are having many already. We have then decided to give them to Malawi and Kenya.

“Malawi will see to it as to how they will take the floor to their country. My appeal to Malawi is to have professional league which will keep on running so that the floor should not be kept as a white elephant.” She said.

Molokwane also called on Malawi government to intervene in maintaining the floor as it is not cheap; at the same time, to send people to South Africa to be drilled on how to assemble and dismantle the floor.

“The floor can also be used as a source of funds to Netball Association of Malawi as well Volleyball, Karate and other sporting activities”, Molokwane added.

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