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About SWAM

The Sports Writers Association of Malawi (SWAM) is an umbrella body of Sports Journalists, Sports Analysts, Commentators, Presenters, Photojournalists and all those involved in the sports media.

SWAM is a non-profit Organisation which was established in 2011 and registered with the government and international Sports Press Association in Switzerland in 2014.

The Association was formed to promote excellence in Sports Journalism in Malawi through provision of training, accreditation, awards, a code of ethics and defending the rights of the Sports Media.

The Association is also registered with the Media Institute of Southern Africa Malawi Chapter. The body is a local governing body for the media.

How to Become a Member

SWAM membership is based on annual subscription. The annual subscription is not fixed as it changes from time to time.

Members or would be members are required to pay their subscription at least 3 weeks before the start of a new season

SWAM Services

SWAM promotes excellent Sports Journalism in Malawi through refresher trainings or courses for its members

Coordinate accreditation processes for Sports Journalists to mother associations such as Football Association of Malawi (FAM)

Coordinate identification of outstanding Sports Scribes for possible awards

Enforces Media Code of Ethics and Conduct as well as defending the Rights of the Sports Media where a breach is reported.

About SWAM 365

SWAM 365 readers are a diversified collection from across the divide solidified by their extravagant enthusiasm for Malawian Sports codes.

Avid Readers certitude SWAM 365 as the final masterly on sports reporting as we Break the News, provide both hard and soft news, offer deep analysis, commentary and features the reader.

Sports enthusiasts realise that SWAM 365 is the heartbeat of their desires when it comes to Malawian Sports Codes.

SWAM 365 is your single location for every article relevant to Malawian Sports in general.