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23rd Century Systems in happy marriage with CRVL

The Central Region Volleyball League (CRVL) says it has sound sponsorship from 23rd Century Systems, a company involved in advanced Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

There are indicators that the league which is chaired by Robert White, with Dr Tarsizio Chikaonda as General Secretary, is run in a professional and transparent manner as evidenced by several companies that have sponsored the league for the past years. Sempha Investments sponsored the league from 2016 to 2018. Face Forward once sponsored the Ladies category for the league.

Contrary to reports from other outlets that the league has no sponsorship at the moment, the league’s Publicity Secretary, Mac Godwin Mangani, says the CRVL enjoys an admirable sponsorship than any other league in the country.

“We have Shake Solutions who are sponsoring our B League and our B League has always been active.

“The 23rd Century Systems are our main current league sponsors. The sponsorship package is worth 18.6 million Kwacha for three years. So far, we are done with the first year and we are remaining with two solid seasons,” explained Mangani to SWAM 365.

At the prize presentation ceremony for the 2019/2020 season held at Bingu National Stadium, the 23rd Century Systems reiterated their commitment to sponsoring the Central Region Volleyball League.

In the regional elections taking place this Saturday, Mangani who also holds the same position of Publicity Secretary at the Volleyball Association of Malawi (VAM), says he will not contest but will continue to work at national level with VAM.

Chairperson Robert White, who is also Vice President of VAM, will also not contest at the elections just like Dr Tarsizio Chikaonda who has now moved to Blantyre.

Quizzed on what he expects from the new CRVL Committee, Mangani said he would be happy to see the new committee working towards improving volleyball from the grass root.

“Almost the whole committee is going out except for very few. While I will be concentrating on my role at VAM, I will be happy to see the new CRVL committee giving support to district teams because there is a lot of talent there. Future good volleyball players should be groomed from a tender age if we are to build a strong national team,” Mangani said.

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